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LED Hamburger Lights: The Functions and Benefits

What associations does the word ‘hamburger’ trigger? When it comes to trailers and trucks, they are undeniably linked to LED hamburger lights. The mouth-watering name is inspired by their resemblance to the burger, with two semi-spheres separated by a horizontal line.

LED hamburger lights have many functions, most of which boil down to ensuring safety on the road, camping site, or parking lot. Visually, they are put up as tail lights in red, orange, white, and other colors and are responsible for signaling the turns, emergency stops, backtracking, and braking.

LED hamburger lights are marketed by multiple brands taking safety standards up a notch. The high competition has set the stage for manufacturers to cover the needs of all types of trucks and trailers, including dumpers, car transporters, tanker lorries, and goods vehicles.

But are these LED lights the winning option for your fleet? This short guide on tail LED lights and their functions by the CM18 team will help you make the right choice.

LED hamburger lights are named after the burger because of the visual likeness of the two

LED hamburger lights vs. Older-day options

We all know LED technology has brought on-road safety to new skyrocketing heights. Compared to 1960s-style bulbs, LED hamburger lights stand out with greater performance thanks to:

  • Prolonged lifespan
  • Increased brightness
  • Wireless connection option
  • Outstanding waterproof designs
  • Resistance to scratches and UV radiation
  • Greater versatility with multiple colors and flashing options

By installing these lights on your commercial or municipal vehicle, you get a fail-proof, highly visible signaling system. Powered by a dedicated lithium-ion battery, LED lights warn other traffic participants of what they must know to maneuver and interact with your vehicle. They reach maximum luminescence as soon as switched on, allowing other drivers to see your signals from a longer distance, which works well for preventing potentially hazardous on-road situations.

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Scope of application

Thanks to the universal input voltage (12V and 24V) and standard dimensions, hamburger-style lights can be applied as additional or replacement parts. Their locally approved uses must be ensured by relevant certificates, depending on the territory of coverage. That’s why you can only install approved lights – or else, you are committing road safety violations.

Take CM18 LED hamburger lights. They are approved to perform the following functions:

  • Stop and tail indicators
  • Fog lighting signals
  • Reverse move markers
  • Brake indicators

They are greenlighted to ensure safety on the highway, when parking a vehicle, or driving a truck on a construction site while signaling other drivers and passers-by of the intentions and dimensions of the purpose-built vehicle. Installing them on non-approved trucks or using them in ways not certified for a particular territory is strictly prohibited.

Key takeaways

LED hamburger lights are must-have indicators for trucks and trailers. They nail it for accident prevention and are praised for effortless mounting on multiple types of purpose-built vehicles.

Certified LED lights always come with a long-lasting warranty so that you can enjoy safe operation and superb performance. Don’t underestimate this coverage when choosing what to install on your vehicles.