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Amber and red LED rechargeable warning lights

Whether you operate a fleet of utility trucks or own a trailer, fend off road hazards with appropriate lights. You no longer need to deal with wires for that because CM18 LED rechargeable warning lights can function flawlessly without those. Control the flash of red or amber lights using a remote control and recharge them easily when the battery level is critical.

CM18 warning lights are available in beacon, bar, triangle, and other series. The design extends their possible uses, allowing you to install them on farm vehicles, police cars, trailers, and tow trucks to function as rechargeable wireless tow lights. They encapsulate several modes for safety on stationary and moving vehicles and let you switch between rotating and flashing lights.

Each rechargeable LED work light and warning beacon houses dozens of LEDs. They ensure your signal is visible under all road and weather conditions to prevent hazards. Most of our warning lights are IP67-rated, so you know they won’t go out in the rain.

Worried about installation? It couldn’t be any easier with our wireless series. With convenient attachment options, you can put CM18 LED warning lights on any vehicle in no time.

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