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LED Light is an umbrella term. It is also divided into LED beacon Light bar, LED marker Light, LED rear combination Light, LED hamburger lights and LED police lights.

How do CM18 LED Lights apply in different fields?

LED warning beacons and LED warning lights bar are a kind of LED warning Lights. It aims to alert other drivers of stationary or moving hazards.

LED warning beacon lights are a great safety light for your pick-up truck, utility truck, or farm tractor when on the road or at a work site – alerting the public of your presence. At the same time, it also works well on forklifts, man lifts, and other equipment in the warehouse or manufacturing plant.

LED warning Lightbar illuminates your off-road trips with wide beam coverage while driving trucks, and agricultural vehicles. We also have red and blue LED color warning lights for police cars, ambulances, and special vehicles. Moreover, considering some small size trucks, we also designed a LED mini light bar.

LED Marker Lights are used to be installed in special vehicles such as trucks, trailers, vans, mixers, and other special vehicles as a warning and prompt function. LED side marker lights are mainly installed on the side, front and rear of a vehicle. It can be surface mount led vehicle lights or permanently installed with a screw.

LED rear combination lamps mainly have the following function: Tail Lamp, Direction Indicator Lamp, Stop / Brake lamp, Reverse Lamp, Rear Fog, Number Plate Light, and reflex Reflector. We can recommend you some products according to your requirement.

How does CM18 ensure quality?

At CM18, we have a strong laboratory team. Before our Lights send out, we will have a complete set of testing and trial procedures to ensure every product send to our customer is of good quality. At the same time, we always focus on the LED automotive lights market, and keep upgrading and adjusting our product.

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