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Flashing LED beacon lights for trucks can help fleet owners fulfill regulatory compliance and enhance road awareness

There’s no fleet of purpose-built vehicles that can operate beyond regulations. Beacon lighting is one way to tackle them when visibility must be enhanced for commercial, oversized, or municipal service trucks. It is supposed to be included in the vehicle’s illumination system to signal the operation and increase awareness of traffic participants.

The market is overflowing with various types of beacons and mounting options, including full-size and mini-lights and magnetic and bolted systems. What they all have in common is that LED beacon lights for trucks prevent potential hazards.

By mounting a flashing LED on your vehicle, you are guaranteed to be noticed. However, there are no one-fits-all options, as LED beacon lights for trucks come in different sizes, types of mounting, colors, and other features. Read further to know which beacon is the best for your fleet and learn how to pick the class and illumination type.


Class-defined peculiarities of LED beacon lights for trucks

Based on the hazard the truck imposes, LED beacons can be divided into three classes, where the first represents the highest level of alert. The subdivision goes as follows:

  • Class One. These are the brightest of all beacons that are usually installed on municipally owned vehicles. For private use, these LED beacon lights for trucks can be mounted on oversized carriers of hazardous loads.
  • Class Two. These beacons are often installed on trucks carrying hazardous loads but have nothing to do with extra sizes. Traditionally, they are compliant products for road maintenance and garbage trucks, especially in foggy weather.
  • Class Three. You might have seen these lights illuminating the way for warehouse equipment, which can hardly be recognized as trucks. Class Three lights are best for forklifts, loaders, and small industrial carriers operating in a freight zone or a construction site.

Color variations and meanings

The beacon’s color is a telltale sign of what a particular vehicle is tasked with and who is responsible for its operation. The most widespread color options are:

  • Orange (amber). It serves as a gold standard for municipally owned, slow-moving, and construction trucks. Amber lights also warn drivers about overloaded trucks so that traffic participants can reorganize their moving patterns accordingly.
  • Red. Red lights are equated with emergencies and are rarely put on commercial or other trucks. There’s a government monopoly for using this color on the road, which is strictly regulated by traffic laws.
  • Green. Green LED beacon lights for trucks and SUVs can be seen on municipal vehicles providing cleaning or watering services. They may be suitable for your fleet if allowed by traffic authorities.
  • Blue. These LEDs may come as an alternative or an add-on to red lights. Using this color on the road evokes awareness of emergencies and gives you certain road privileges.

Wrapping it all up

LED beacons warn surrounding vehicles and people of your presence, even in low-light environments. Choose them wisely, taking into account your truck type, dimensions, and functions.

If you are no stranger to traffic rules relevant to your territory and organization, keep this guide at hand to choose LED beacon lights for your trucks.