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Ditch the wires for good with wireless trailer lights

Wiring is now a thing of the past. CM18 wireless trailer lights give you the same functionality as wired options, except they are never associated with tedious installation, tangles, and connection issues.

Made for Australian, US, and EU roads and road safety regulations, our wireless tail lights perfectly fit all trucks and trailers. Here’s why:

  • Style options: From ordinary to triangle and curvy lights, the CM18 series looks great on all trailers.
  • Functionality: Whether you need wireless tow lights, a tiny number plate fixture, or fog lights, our products can serve well for each purpose.
  • Weather protection: With IP67, you can be sure your trailer lights will endure any off-road trip or towing in the rain.
  • High-quality housings: Our trailer lights are protected from road debris and scratches in any configuration.
  • Magnetic installation: Easily attach CM18 lights to your trailer and remove them just as quickly if you need to put them on other vehicles.
  • Rechargeable convenience: CM18 rechargeable wireless tow lights last for hours on a single charge while keeping you updated on the current battery level.

No connection issues. No shoehorning wires into the panels. CM18 trailer lights are another level of your trailer’s lighting system.

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