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Improve awareness with CM18 LED strobe lights

Meet innovative lighting technologies in the CM18 strobe series. These are more than just LED flashing lights but rather the products that emit lasting beams to be seen under rainy, foggy, dusty, and other conditions that account for reduced road visibility. Thanks to high illumination performance and wide beam angles, you can prevent any danger that could impact driving behaviors, pedestrian safety, or the planned movement of vehicles on sites at night or in the daytime.

CM18 LED strobe beacons can be set up to emit white, blue, green, red, amber, and combinations of the most commonly used colors. This makes them great for:

  • Construction vehicles
  • Farm vehicles
  • Tow trucks
  • Trailers
  • Drilling equipment
  • Off-road vehicles

As you explore this CM18 collection, you can also find magnetic LED strobe light bars that can potentially be used on police and other emergency vehicles. Our lights can be adjusted to the required configuration in the lighting mode that works best for the type of vehicle and how you need to raise awareness among road users. This way, you can select Red + Blue as long as using these colors is legal and not confusing for drivers and pedestrians.

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