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Automotive lighting products for improved roadway safety

Add the power of LEDs to your vehicle with CM18. We are a China-based automotive lighting supplier that brings ISO-certified lights to global roads. We aim to make things safer for drivers, pedestrians, forklift operators, and those who use agricultural vehicles.

When you hit the road, proper lighting is just as vital as your seat belts. By illuminating your car’s position, you can minimize accident risks and alert other drivers to emergencies before they occur. That’s what our automotive LED lights are manufactured for.

CM18 lights meet all EU and US lighting and signaling safety standards, meaning you can mount them on your vehicle straight out of the box. We ensure 100% compliance as we handle all manufacturing processes on our own – from design to assembly.

CM18 Vehicle Safety Lighting System

Combination Rear

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Wireless Trailer Light

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Led Beacon Light

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Warning Light

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Interior Light

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Work Light

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Choose vehicle safety lights that work for you

We design lighting systems for privately owned and municipality service vehicles. Here’s what you can shop for:

  • Rear combination lights. Illuminate your car with tail lights as you hit the brakes or maneuver it. Available in multiple rear configurations for various vehicle makes and models.
  • Driving lights. Safely drive in low-visibility areas by turning on high beams. CM18 other lighting systems to eliminate collision hazards for your employees and pedestrians.
  • Interior lighting. Add a bright glow to your car’s interior. Our modern reading lamps and easy-to-install LEDs make sure you and your passengers are never left in the darkness.
  • LED light bars. Light up your off-road trip with wide beam coverage as you drive your truck, agricultural vehicle, or 4×4.
  • Position lights. Install auxiliary marker LED vehicle lights to make your set of wheels visible from all angles. Amber options are up for grabs.
  • Warning beacons. Alert other drivers to stationary or moving hazards. Our beacons are designed for special-service and industrial vehicles.
  • Work lights. Keep everyone informed of any on-site work by directing beams from your vehicle lighting system.

We also provide customer-centric after -sales service when you buy car LED lights online at CM18. Call us at +86 13631438251 or email us at cherry@cm18autolights.com to request it or order a lighting system for your vehicle.

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Higher output performance at a lower cost

At CM18, we create LED lights for vehicles that are both high-performance and energy-efficient. If you still go with halogen setups, you can save your car’s battery by opting for our products without compromising illumination. Better yet, our LEDs pack a punch of lumens to increase brightness in any roadway or off-road conditions.

With our cheap LED lights for police cars, you can get a lasting lighting system. Besides the extended lifespan of LEDs, our products take you to the highest reliability levels backed by fastidious testing at the design and manufacturing stages. If you can see some lights in our catalog, that means they have passed:

  • illumination performance test
  • compliance test
  • drop & vibration test to simulate road-like conditions
  • water protection test
  • electromagnetic compatibility test

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