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The LED warning light bar is a reminder alert. It uses a wide beam to brighten your road when you drive trucks, agricultural vehicles, special vehicles, police cars, and ambulances. CM18 LED light bar mainly has the following kind: LED mini light bar, light bar with remote, magnetic strobe light bar…

A brief explanation for 3 types of CM18 Warning light bar

LED mini light bar is designed in a classic rectangular shape with an innovative reflector. Amber and transparent cover are available. The mini size makes it suitable for all emergency use.

LED Remote light bar: Remote control is optional, and the signal is accepted at a distance of 30 meters. Control with a remote can off and open at any time, and it can switch modes at any time.

The magnetic strobe light bar: Magnetic installation method, no wiring required, and the light can be removed and installed at any time. Moreover, the strong magnetic base design keeps it secure while driving.

So far, we have an LED mini light bar and a variety inch LED warning light bar for option:24’’,30’’,42’’,48”,54”,60”, and 72”. Also, we have LED colors in blue, red, and amber. You can choose according to your needs. There will have 1 suitable for you. Moreover, our warning light bar meets EU and US standards, and dustproof and waterproof also meet IP67 standards.

Our warning light bar Z-W18 has the red dot design award, which is one of our most proud and confident led warning light bars.

DIY your LED warning lights (Z-W18). 

Z-W18 is module design, modules can be replaced if any one of them is broken or which module you hope to change the color. Replacement is easy. Unscrew the screw behind the light of the module you need to replace, disconnect the waterproof and dustproof connector, and then replace the new module, connect the waterproof and dustproof connector. 

About the LED light bar, what do we have?

Our laboratory is equipped with a professional darkroom system, integrating sphere, aging test, ultraviolet test, high and low temperature, waterproof, and vibration test equipment to ensure high-quality product development and mass production. All our products meet DOT SAE, ECE, EMC, ROHS, UKCA, REACH, and CE standards to meet different market standards and regulations.

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