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LED Interior Light is also called Reading Light. CM18 extensive range of ultra-reliable led products Interior Lighting, is characterized by its attractive designs and low power consumption. It comes with a dimming function by touching the switch for both front and back reading light Operated: touch switch controlled. It also can be Wire-Controlled

Analyze the characteristics and application of CM18 Interior Light:

Round interior Light series and 7inch and 12-inch strip interior lights are generally used for interior lighting of automobiles, yachts, trucks, and 24-12 volt led Lights for RV interior. The interior lamp adopts PC uniform lamp diffusion material to ensure the relevant regulation, and at the same time, it reflects the soft visual effect.

We also launched a camping lamp according to market demand, there are two installation ways for options: magnet adsorption or hook installation. The LED interior Light cover is made of PC translucent uniform light material and three color temperatures 3000K, 4500K, and 6500K create bright and soft visual Effects and SOS emergency signal.

CM18 Interior Lights(Round Interior and Long Strip Interior ) Function illustrate:

When turning on the power, you need to touch the button, and the blue indicator light is lit up.

Function Mode:

Touch the button (less than 550ms), Light is on. When you touch again, it can realize mode convert, circulation like this: main light on and ambient light off—-ambient light on and main light off—- main light and ambient light is on—-main light and ambient light off

Dimming function: 

Press the button and hold on. The brightness of the light gradually increases. When you release, the brightness of the light stops at the corresponding brightness.

Brightness memory function: 

When the power supply is on, every time turns off the interior lamps, it will be memorized the last brightness. If the next time turns on the light, this brightness will take as the initial brightness. If power is off, turn on the light, the initial brightness is at 90% of full brightness.

How to install the Interior Light((Round Interior and Long Strip Interior):

Round Interior Light: 

Open the installation hole to the fixed plate and fix it above to the place you need to bright. There are 3 protruding on the fixed plate corresponding with 3 grooves for the lamp, rotating 15° clockwise to fixed, and rotating 15° counterclockwise to separate.

Long Strip Interior Light:

Fix the adjustable bracket of the lamp firmly, then move the main body of the lamp by hand to realize the angle adjustment, (angle adjustment range: 0°~80°)

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