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LED Beacon LED is a small branch of warning LEDs, mainly used in ambulances, police cars, trailers, construction vehicles, large drilling rigs, trucks, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles, mining areas, etc. Our beacon lights mainly include two modes, LED flashing lights and LED rotating beacons. 

How about CM18 LED Beacon Warning Light?

We have different designs and types-led beacon lights for customers to choose. Every beacon is developed, produced, tested by our laboratory team, then brought to market. LED Beacon Lights complies with US and EU standards, and the dustproof and waterproof meets IP67 standards. The CM18 LED warning beacon light can adapt to different vehicles, road conditions, and environmental conditions. It is the warning beacon with a series of performance-optimized. And it can enhance safety alerts for work vehicles.

How to choose CM18 warning Beacon?

We can choose according to your market positioning, style requirements, and vehicle types. Cm18 warning beacon lights divides into battery type, wiring type, and wireless remote control type. We also have different installation methods for options: screw installation, din pipe installation, and magnet suction cup installation.

So far, we have 8 series of warning lights beacons for options;

Take the Z-W13 series, for example, led beacon for trucks is a 70W high power Amber strobe light, specially designed for heavy-duty trucks and dark conditions of the mining areas. It is bright enough for the dark circumstance.

Z-W08 series uses the latest LED technology and PC dome design for brighter, more even lighting distribution.

Z-W16 series top unique cover design, Lens construction provides an excellent horizontal spread, it is easy to identify the signal. There are 7 modes for option, 3 flashing modes, and 4 rotating modes.

How to customize your own LED Beacon Warning Light in CM18?

As long as you send us the details, we can engrave the customer’s logo on the product. Moreover, we have designers design color boxes, and color stickers for you. Products can also be customized and adjusted according to customer needs. We have our laboratory conduct feasibility assessments on customer needs and try our best to meet customer needs.

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