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Law enforcement agencies worldwide are enhancing their visibility and safety with the latest emergency flashing lights for vehicle and police Vehicle LED Light bar technology. These innovative lighting solutions provide brighter, more efficient, cost-effective options for police vehicles, ensuring safer roads and more effective law enforcement.  

In order to cater to the needs of the emergency and police vehicle market, cm18 has designed a LED Police car light bar – AdherentTM that meets the needs of the emergency, police and law enforcement markets through extensive market research.

Key Features of AdherentTM LED Police Car Light bar – Z-W60:

1.Innovative shape design: “V” design can effectively reduce wind resistance during driving

2.DIY your LED Police Car Light bar:

  • Excellent lighting performance: Red / Blue / White / Amber color flash option
  • Various functions: including 20+ flash patterns, Takedown, Alley light, Flood light, Traffic advisor, etc
  • Each module allows for easy disassembly and replacement.
  •  The top light body can be customized with your slogan or logo

Offer a variety of flash patterns, colors, and mounting options, allowing law enforcement agencies to tailor their lighting solutions to their specific needs and regulations. This flexibility ensures that each police and emergency vehicle is equipped for its unique mission.

3.Compliance with Regulations: IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof, SAE J595 Class 1, SAE J845 Class 1, CCR Title 13 Class B approval

4.Low Glare and Light Pollution:Advanced optics and precise design of LED light bar minimize glare and light pollution, preventing distraction to other drivers and enhancing road safety for everyone

Whats the Durability and Longevity for AdherentTM Strobe Emergency Lighting:

AdherentTM led flashing warning lights are built to withstand the rigors of law enforcement work. They are designed to be durable, weather-resistant, and resistant to vibrations, ensuring that they can stand up to the demands of the job. LED technology also boasts a longer operational life, reducing maintenance costs and the need for frequent replacements. If module broken, allows modules to be replaced individually without scrapping the entire light strip, meets environmental requirements.

Modern policing demands cutting-edge technology, and led warning light bars are a prime example of how innovation can improve the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement on our roads. By adopting these advanced lighting solutions, law enforcement agencies can fulfill their mission of keeping our communities safe while also being mindful of cost-efficiency and environmental concerns.

CM18 always adhere to this concept and develop and design safety warning lighting products for the warning lighting industry that keep pace with the times and are suitable for today’s society to improve road law enforcement safety.