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Innovation Extremely Slim Warning Bar Z-W18-72″

CM18 modeule can be DIY. LED Red, Blue, Amber. DIY your led warning light bar.  LED becon light bar have the same performance found in our full-size light bar.

Certification: DOT SAE, ECE R65, EMC R10
Operating Voltage: 12-24V
LED Power: 138W
Waterproof rate: IP67
Type: 5 meters cable without cigar lighter
Flash patterns: 14
LED Color: Amber, Red, Blue
LED Q’TY: 36+264PCS
Operating Temperature: -40°C~65°C

Innovation Extremely Slim Warning Bar 0.96” (Thickness 2.5cm) Why we design it? Things becomes more beautiful and smaller which simplify our life. We began to combine this concept in the design a year ago, to ensure extremely thin and high light output at the same time make it one of the most sought-after alternatives on the market. How it benefit you? The extremely slim size is perfect for mounting on today’s aerodynamic vehicles, it will give you less wind noise and reduce fuel consumption. Extremely slim size, visually perfect match your car, decorate your car.