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LED light bar with remote can bring more convenience to your work and life. 30 meters remote signal acceptable, we can control our lamps ON/OFF, Mode conversion at any time, enhance the experience of our product.

How to use the remote control of our LED warning light bar (Z-W18 series)?

Button Description: ON/OFF: Quick press for a second is ON, then press again to turn on and turn off the light. Long press for 3s is OFF;

SOS: Quick press the flashlight (on the back of the remote ), long press for 3s, and the light flashes to enter the SOS;

BY DAY: Day Mode; 

BY NIGHT: Night mode; 

BACK: last mode; 

NEXT: next mode; 

CRUISE: cruise mode; 

DIY1 & DIY 2: Auto-select mode;

Before the DIY does not take effect: 

Click the display operation method (see the display on the screen for details, and long press for 3 seconds to set the currently displayed mode as the shortcut key.

DIY shortcut key setting method: 

Convert the mode with the remote to the flash mode you want, press the button until the remote control screen shows that the setting is successful, then release the key.

To change the current shortcut key mode, repeat the above method.

Remark: 30s without operation will enter the standby state, and the button operating can wake up. 2 minutes if no operation will enter to shut down, when press lightly ON/OFF to wake up;

Precautions for pairing the remote control and the lamp:

1. Turn off the power of the lamp and turn on the remote control; 

2. Turn on the power of the lamp, long press the SOS button of the remote control within 10s until it enters the SOS state; 

3. When the lamp enters the SOS state (the lamp flashes for three times short, three times long, three times short…), pairing is successful; 

4. Quick Press the SOS button to exit the SOS, then it can work as usual; 

5. If the pairing failed, repeat steps 1 to 4

Charging reminder: The battery capacity of the Z-W18 remote is 1500mAH. When the battery power is greater than 20%, the power on the remote screen shows green; when less than 20%, is red, and you need to charge the device immediately. Charger above 5V/1.5A, the light takes about 2 hours for a full charge; The remote control does not support fast charging.

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