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CM18 surface mount LED vehicle lights, complement our most popular screw mounts and magnet chuck mounts. It is suitable for small LED automotive lights. Available in many forms, decorative, custom lighting to fit any application you hope to.

Advantages of surface mount lights:

Surface mount products are mainly used in relatively small led lights and install conditions are not suitable for opening holes and screws. The surface mount installed is easy to install, beautiful, and easy to disassemble. There are few limitations on the applicable conditions, no need to drill holes and no need to apply the installation conditions of the magnet suction cup, and any shell material can be mounted. Moreover, it will not cause irreversible wear on the installed shell.

Application of CM18 products to surface mount:

CM18 car lights are led side marker lights and interior lights with surface mount installation methods

CM18 round interior lights and strip interior lights are generally used for interior lighting of automobiles, yachts, RVs, and trucks. The indoor installation conditions are relatively limited, so the surface mount is a very good installation method. Protection of the vehicle and will not damage the internal environment.

Round interior lights: Open the mounting holes (fixed plate) and fix them above the corresponding illuminated places. The fixing plate has 3 protruding studs corresponding to the 3 grooves of the lamp, and can be fixed by rotating 15° clockwise, and can be separated by rotating 15° counterclockwise.

Strip interior lamp: fix the adjustable bracket of the lamps firmly, and then move the main body of the lamps by hand to realize the angle adjustment (angle adjustment range: 0°~80°)

CM18 small side led strobe warning lights, can also customize the surface mount installation method according to customers’ demand. The kind of installation method is more convenient for disassembly and installation. You can paste your desired side light on the selected position according to your requirement.

Comparative analysis of other installation methods:

Surface mount: Mainly used for indoor lighting, to protect the integrity of the internal environment, easy to disassemble, and easy to install.

Screw installation: mainly to deal with harsh road conditions, tools are required for installation and removal, but it is not easy to fall after installation.

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