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Z-W50S classical design LED Warning Beacon Screw mount

EMC R10 ECE R65 IP67 Classical elegant cylindrical design, high-performance LED Warning Beacon Light.

With 2 versions for different usage scenes.


CM18 Classical Shape LED Warning Beacon with wide filed of view --- Screw Mount Install

LED beacons have revolutionized warning light technology with their energy efficiency and reliability. Whether for emergency vehicles, construction sites, or industrial machinery, LED beacons offer a superior solution. One of the notable advantages of LED beacons is their ease of installation, particularly with screw-in models.

amber LED strobe lights
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CM18 Z-W50 LED Warning Beacon Light has two Verison uses in 2 different scenes:

1. No need to use on the Road (Agricultural use), just for lighting function. — EMC R10 Approval

If no need to use it on the road, this type will be your choice.

2. Need to use on the road for warning function. — EMC R10 ECE R65 Approval


4 Modes Flash 

  • Single flash
  • Double flash
  • Triple flash
  • Quintet flash

3 Modes Rotation

  • Triple flash and clockwise rotation
  • Clockwise rotation
  • Anticlockwise rotation

1 Cruise

Five Install Mount for option

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application Z W50 1
application Z W50

Z-W50S LED Warning Beacon Light:

Z-W50,  classical elegant cylindrical design, high-performance Beacon. With 2 versions for different usage scenes: Agricultural, Industrial, etc. Beacon is IP67, ECE R65, EMC R10 Certified, and ISO factory offers guaranteed quality, delivery, service, and after-sales. There 4 types of install mounts for options: magnet mount (cigar lighter, battery type, battery+remote type ), and a Pipe mount. There are 8 Flashing modes for Z-W50S: Single flash, Double flash, Triple flash, Quintet flash, Triple flash and clockwise rotation, Clockwise rotation, Anticlockwise rotation, and Cruise. Z-W50S R65 R10 Approval Version: Power input: 9.23W - 9.36W Voltage: 12V-24V SMD:3030 LED Quantity: 20 PCS Color Temperature: 590nm~595nm Compliance: ECE R65 TA1,  EMC R10, IP67 Z-W50S R10 Approval Version: Power input: 6.11W - 6.24W Voltage: 12V-24V SMD: 2835 LED Quantity: 20 PCS Color Temperature: 590nm~595nm Compliance:  EMC R10, IP67 Enhancing Safety with Permanent LED Warning Beacons: Permanent Install In today's fast-paced world, safety on the road, at construction sites, or in industrial settings is paramount. To address this critical concern, the permanent installation of LED warning beacons with a robust mounting system has emerged as a game-changer in ensuring visibility and safety. LED warning beacons are powerful tools designed to alert and caution in a wide array of situations. Their versatility makes them indispensable for emergency vehicles, construction sites, warehouses, and more. However, for these beacons to be effective, a reliable mounting solution is crucial. The permanent mount for LED warning beacons offers several advantages. It ensures stability, preventing potential hazards caused by beacon movement. Additionally, the mount's durability allows the beacons to withstand harsh weather conditions and other environmental challenges. Furthermore, the permanent installation offers a clean, professional appearance. Whether on a vehicle or a stationary structure, these mounts provide a sleek, unobtrusive design that seamlessly integrates into the surroundings. When it comes to safety, visibility is non-negotiable. LED warning beacons with permanent mounts maximize visibility during both day and night, greatly reducing the risk of accidents. Their powerful illumination and eye-catching flashes are impossible to overlook, ensuring that they serve as effective warning signals. In conclusion, the permanent installation of LED warning beacons with a reliable mount is a must-have for organizations and industries prioritizing safety. These solutions enhance visibility, stability, and professionalism, contributing to a safer and more secure environment for all. Investing in these beacon mounts is an investment in safety that pays off in countless ways. For more details, please feel free to contact me. If you have any ideas for our Z-W50S, we warmly welcome you to share and discuss them with us together. Cm18 can be customized as you require.