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Z-W50S classical design LED Warning Beacon Screw mount

EMC R10 ECE R65 IP67 Classical elegant cylindrical design, high-performance LED Warning Beacon Light.

With 2 versions for different usage scenes.


CM18 Classical Shape LED Warning Beacon with wide filed of view --- Screw Mount Install

LED beacons have revolutionized warning light technology with their energy efficiency and reliability. Whether for emergency vehicles, construction sites, or industrial machinery, LED beacons offer a superior solution. One of the notable advantages of LED beacons is their ease of installation, particularly with screw-in models.

amber LED strobe lights
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CM18 Z-W50 LED Warning Beacon Light has two Verison uses in 2 different scenes:

1. No need to use on the Road (Agricultural use), just for lighting function. — EMC R10 Approval

If no need to use it on the road, this type will be your choice.

2. Need to use on the road for warning function. — EMC R10 ECE R65 Approval


4 Modes Flash 

  • Single flash
  • Double flash
  • Triple flash
  • Quintet flash

3 Modes Rotation

  • Triple flash and clockwise rotation
  • Clockwise rotation
  • Anticlockwise rotation

1 Cruise

Five Install Mount for option

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Z W50M
Z W50P
Z W50B
Z W50R

Z-W50S R65 R10 Approval Version:<br> Power input: 9.23W - 9.36W<br> Voltage: 12V-24V<br> SMD:3030<br> LED Quantity: 20 PCS<br> Color Temperature: 590nm~595nm<br> Compliance: ECE R65 TA1,  EMC R10, IP67<br> Z-W50S R10 Approval Version:<br> Power input: 6.11W - 6.24W<br> Voltage: 12V-24V<br> SMD: 2835<br> LED Quantity: 20 PCS<br> Color Temperature: 590nm~595nm<br> Compliance:  EMC R10, IP67<br> For more details, please feel free to contact me.<br> If you have any ideas for our Z-W50S, we warmly welcome you to share and discuss them with us together. Cm18 can be customized as you require.