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Competitive combination tail lamp Z-T29E (T/Reverse/ST/Reflex)

Competitive combination tail lamp(T/Reverse/ST/Reflex). Complete range of function covered to meet all function requirements.

CM18 Z-T29E combination tail lamp

  • Different mount and sizes to meet different application
  • Modern design, competitive price but high performance
  • Neon effect of position light
  • Complete range of functions covered to meet all function requirements.

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Certification: ECE R148(R7、R6、R7、R23)<br> Operating Voltage: 12-24V<br> LED Power: RPL:1W, DI:2.04W, ST:3.6W, Reverse:1.7W<br> Waterproof rate: IP67<br> LED Q'TY: RPL:16pcs, DI:10pcs, ST:10pcs, Reverse:10pcsv Operating Temperature: -40°C~65°C<br> Function: T, Reverse, ST, Reflex<br>