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Integrated LED Trailer Light Board – innovative design Z-T30

LED Multifunctional Trailer board
All in one board , easy installation , match with 7.5 meter 7p plug .
Modern design, integrated control unit for multi-functions, with Dynamic indicator
White board PVC ,Lighting Housing ABS (black), Lens PC

LED Trailer Lights Z-T30 Combination Rear Lights

  • All-in-one board modern design, RPL/DI/ST/Reflex, and number plate light in one board to ensure your trailer has a functional and legal car light .
  • Easy installation, match with 7.5 meter 7p plug.
  • Different sizes make it ideal to fit on different sizes of vehicles.
  • The functional parts of light are removable and replaced.

Every product produced by CM18 is built by a professional and experienced 15 person engineering team. Each design takes months or even years to study optical, structural etc., it uses the least energy consumption to achieve the highest efficiency conversion, making the design and product structure perfectly meet the market demand. Let’s be market unique and irreplaceable.

Certification: ECE R148, EMC R10<br> Optioinal Sizes: 48"-1.22m,56"-142m<br> Operating Voltage: 12-24V<br> LED Power: RPL 0.5W, DI 2.1W, ST 3.1W<br> Waterproof rate: IP67<br> LED Q'TY: RPL 14pcs, DI 10pcs, ST 14pcs<br> Operating Temperature: -40°C~65°C<br> Function: RPL, DI, ST, Reflex<br>