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The LED mini light bar is a cost-effective and compact solution for those who are looking for a full-sized light bar and strong light output but cannot afford the cost or space. It is a powerful warning system, that can install in emergency and service vehicles, trailers, wreckers, snow plows, public safety vehicles, etc. It is suitable for emergency situations use.

A brief explanation for CM18 LED mini light bar:

We have Amber, Blue, Red, White and dual color as options. This makes the led warning light bar suitable for a variety of industries where specific colors are required or mandated by law. CM18 Mini LED Light Bar can be magnetically mounted and installed on your car or truck for maximum flexibility, Also can choose screw mounted permanently.

Why choose CM18 LED Mini Lightbar?

At Cm18, we have our strong laboratory team and complete laboratory testing equipment. Before one led mini light bar was released and gone into the market. Every new designs warining light bars will do a long time market research and extensive professional equipment testing . At the same time, we always focus on the LED Automotive market dynamics, and keep upgrading and adjusting our product.

About the LED Mini light bar, how to choose?

Z-W12M is one of the led warning light bars, there have transparent cover and amber cover for option. This lamp is magnetic installation, which is efficient and convenient, saving the installation time and cost. Moreover, Z-W12M is ECE R65, SAE J845 certificated.

Z-W26 and Z-W27 series, LED colors are options. Red, Blue, dual color, and the most widely used–Amber warning light bar. There are 2 installation methods for options: fast strong magnetic cups install and screw steady installation. We can also customize rechargeable and remote-controlled versions, it can bring more convenience to your work and life.

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