Extremely slim warning bar Z-W18

   09 Dec 2020

0.96” 2.5cm Extremely Slim Warning Bar Z-W18 series








The extremely slim size is perfect for mounting on today’s aerodynamic vehicles, it will give you less wind noise and reduce fuel consumption. Extremely slim size, visually perfect match your car, decorate your car.


How many modes including?

Comes with 13 different warning light modes, provides styling effect and increase your visibility on the roads to make sure safety.


What sizes including?

Sizes are including 24”, 30”, 42”, 48”, 60” and 72”.


What certificates including?

Fully DOT and E-approval- ECE R65 TA2, EMC ECE R10, DOT SAE J845 and CISPR 25 CLASS 3

Warning light ramp can be switched from day to night mode.


How long is the warranty?

5-year warranty


Control box being included as an optional