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LED Strobe Lights Frequently Asked Questions

led strobe lights

Unlike standard light bulbs, LED strobe lights produce flashes of light. The light flashed by a LED strobe light is extremely bright. These lights are usually used for flashing lights for creating effects for concerts, emergency vehicles or photography purposes. When fixed to emergency vehicles these lights are also called strobe warning lights.  

red beacon strobe light

How are LED strobe lights used on vehicles?

LED strobe lights are used on a number of vehicles for various purposes but the main reason is mostly for awareness. Moreover, LED strobe lights helps in alerting other road users about the presence of the vehicle, which proves to be extremely beneficial in emergencies. For example, ambulances use LED strobe lights to alert other road users about their presence. School buses also use these lights to overcome issues created may be due to heavy fog.

What is a Hideaway LED Strobe Light?

The hideaway feature on hideaway LED strobe lights makes them so special. These LED strobe lights are hidden and wait for the right time to strike. These lights are perfect if you want to be inconspicuous; however, still have lights that can make a powerful impact when needed. Hideaway LED strobe lights are ideal for construction vehicles, police cars and undercover vehicles.

Who can use LED strobe lights on their vehicle?

This is the decision made by the state, plus there are restrictions to the colors that can be used. LED strobe lights are mostly attached to firefighters, construction workers, tow trucks or people conducting official government workers who need extra visibility. If you want to use LED strobe lights off-road on private property, there are no restrictions to it.

red led warning light on police

What color LED strobe lights can volunteer firefighters have?

This again depends on the rules set by your state. However, this is for sure that your state won’t allow you to use red or blue LED strobe lights on your vehicle. This is because these colors are reserved for professionals like police officers and firefighters. Civilians are not allowed to use these colors because it can create a lot of confusion.

What color strobe light cuts through the fog?

The general point of view is that the longer the wavelength of the LED strobe light, the better it will cut through the fog. For that matter of fact, red light tops this list because it has a wavelength between 620 and 750 nanometers. However, if you are not allowed to use red light due to state restrictions, the next best option is orange light (590-629 nanometers) and then yellow light (570-590 nanometers).

How much does it cost to install LED strobe lights?

If you own a toolkit with all the necessary screwdrivers, you can install it yourself. However, if you take the help of a professional to install LED strobe lights then the prices will depend on your location and the number of lights being fitted. It’s best to call a couple of auto shops for quotes and then go for the one that suits your budget.