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magnetic LED strobe light bars

Many people are not aware of the importance of LED marker lights. They are intelligently designed to keep you and other motorists safe.

What is the function of LED marker lights?

LED marker lights inform motorists about the vehicles present on the road. They help in indicating various things like the size of the vehicle, the shape of the vehicle, and the direction of the travelling vehicle. The number of marker lights and their placement tells a lot about the vehicle. Moreover, the motorist can identify the vehicle’s presence long before it’s seen on the roadway.

In short, LED marker lights aid in creating easily recognizable visual signs that tell motorists that there is a large vehicle ahead. These lights are designed to alert drivers on the road about the presence and movement of huge trailers and trucks.

There are various types of marker lights including clearance lights, rear markers, side markers, front-end outline markers, and more. All of these have one purpose; they indicate to other motorists that they need to drive safely alongside large trailers and trucks.

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Are LED marker lights better for trucks and trailers?

Yes, definitely! There are numerous benefits of these amazing lights. Marker lights have an improved lifespan. They are energy efficient and provide brighter illumination. Switching to LED marker lights will not only increase your safety on the road but of others as well. If your truck or trailer has already been fitted with LED lights, you can consider upgrading the lighting setup.

Safe travel for all road users

The design of marker lights will drastically increase road safety; they also play a great role in saving lives. Various studies show that the majority of road crashes happen due to the same direction incident or from a sideswipe between a large truck and a light vehicle. With these lights, you can travel with confidence knowing your trailer is indicating your intended direction.

When you have marker lights down the side of your truck or trailer, they act as side direction indicators; this means that the extra volume of light will give a clear warning to other vehicles that the large vehicle is merging into traffic. Moreover, LED marker lights are manufactured using high-quality material. The lens is made with the help of sturdy polycarbonate and hardened acrylic plastics and the body is made using thermoplastics elastomer, which offers both durability and high thermal resistance.

Additionally, these lights are used by a wide range of vehicles including trailers, heavy-duty trucks, articulated trucks, and more.

Safety meets style

Now that it’s established that LED marker lights are going to make you and others safe on the road, let’s talk about style. These lights are a great way to add a stylish edge to your vehicle. There is a wide array of design options to choose from. So make sure you choose the one you want wisely.