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LED Police Light Bars

If you are looking for new LED police car lights for your emergency services department, your search for a high-quality set of lights can be a bit complicated mainly because there are a huge variety of designs available on the market. The color, style, and shape of the lights may depend on your local regulation, but there is one feature that you must ensure your chosen lights have LED bulbs.

LED police car lights are a modern standard for multiple reasons. Let’s explore why!

Better Lifespan

One of the clearest and straightforward reasons to opt for LED police car lights over other alternatives is the simple fact that LED bulbs last way longer than traditional bulbs. The reason behind this is that LED bulbs do not use filaments or gas. Their construction is simple yet intelligent. Simple construction means not much can go wrong, which eventually gives them a long life span and fewer chances of failure.

In addition to that, LED police lights are designed very smartly. They are made using hundreds of tiny, inexpensive LED bulbs. In case a single bulb fails, your light will still be functioning well until you get your hands on a replacement bulb.


Better for the Environment

In today’s times, the need to protect our environment has become even more important than ever. Cutting down on waste and pollution will help make our planet a healthier place. Besides that, it will also make our local communities happier.

LED police car lights are the best option. They are non-toxic, recyclable, and above all, easy to dispose of. On the other hand, fluorescent bulbs contain a potentially toxic gas and incandescent bulbs use filaments and thin glass that are very difficult to recycle. However, LED lights are readily accepted by several recycling centers and are being re-used in the creation of new bulbs.


Better Customization

Modern LED police car lights are very flexible in their uses. Most of them flash in a number of colors, patterns, speeds, and brightness levels. Additionally, it is extremely easy to control their direction and angle of visibility. In short, LED police lights are highly customizable.

Choosing LED lights means you are forgoing the complicated mechanism of incandescent flashing lights. Incandescent flashing lights use complex rotating mirrors and colored encasements to work. Whereas, LED lights are able to produce pure, colored light that not only looks better and shines brighter but also doesn’t require mirrors or any bulky encasements. These characteristics make police LED light bars more compact and easy to install.

If you are preparing to purchase new lights for your department, make sure you connect with experts before you make a decision. CM18 Auto Lights has professionals that can help you make an informed decision.