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We’re always looking for new methods to cut costs because we frequently boondock (for the uninitiated, that’s camping without hookups, typically in beautiful, remote locations). Although the fluorescent lights that came with our RV were relatively effective, the 12-volt led lights for RV interiors specifically designed for recreational vehicles are the power-saving champions. They consume significantly less energy than comparable fluorescent and conventional or halogen bulbs.

LEDs save energy and generate much less heat than conventional bulbs. Therefore, replacing all of the bulbs in our Motorhome with energy-efficient LED versions would be advantageous. We succeeded, and the process taught us a great deal. This guide will share what we learned if you want to convert to 12-volt led lights for the RV interior.

When you’re ready to leap, we hope this guide helps you see the path.

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What is an LED RV interior light?

The acronym LED refers to the light-emitting diode. In comparison, LED lighting has been around since the 1960s, but lately, the bulbs have been expensive and fragile. Light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) produce a luminous, enriched glow without excessive energy usage. Since LEDs produce almost no heat, they are much safer than conventional ones. Until recently, most RV makers did not use LEDs for interior lighting. The cost of LED bulbs for the inside was prohibitive. The good news is that a wide range of low-cost LED choices available today can be retrofitted into any RV’s interior.

Advantages of Using LED RV Interior Light

RV owners are transitioning from incandescent bulbs to LED lights for many reasons. We have enumerated the advantages individually below:

  • RV LED lights utilize only about 10% as much energy as regular RV bulbs. This reduces the need to constantly connect your RV to an external power source, prolonging the time you can spend inside.
  • Because LEDs don’t emit UV light, they’re safe to use inside your RV without worrying about premature ageing or damage to your belongings from exposure to the sun (such as curtains, furniture, etc.)
  • Lighting-emitting diode (LED) 12-volt led lights for RV interiors don’t use harmful lead mercury like incandescent bulbs.
  • It is estimated that LED bulbs can last up to 60,000 hours. This is much longer than the average lifespan of incandescent lights (2,000 hours) or halogen bulbs (1,000 hours).
  • The high vibrations produced by driving an RV are no match for the robustness of RV LED lights compared to their less powerful halogen or fluorescent counterparts.
  • Because LED lights are available in more hues, you can customize the RV’s illumination to suit your mood or the occasion.
  • Generally, RV LED lights can produce more light than conventional bulbs.
  • There is less chance of your RV overheating due to lighting because of the low temperature at which LEDs blaze (80-100 degrees Fahrenheit).
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Compare and Contrast 12V and 24V LED Lights.

Since cars have limited space and 12V light strips are so thin that you hardly detect their presence, they are frequently used for cars. Many camper van and motorhome proprietors yearn to swap out their factory bulbs for warmer or more vibrant RGB bulbs. Using 12V LED string lights is the best option. Since 12-volt led lights for RV interiors are thin and bendable, they take up very little room in Trailers while still producing excellent illumination.

LED string lights that operate on 12V DC are more popular than their 24V counterparts. However, when it comes to a permanent placement, low-voltage LED strips with a 24-volt power supply perform better than their 12-volt counterparts. When comparing LED strips of equal length and LED density, the voltage loss is greater for the 12V strips.

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Where Can You Buy RV LED Lights?

You’re fortunate if you want to know where to purchase LED RV lights. Due to their widespread acceptance, LED lights can be bought online or in traditional stores. We at cm18Autolights advise purchasing your RV LED light bulbs from Amazon because of the consistently low prices and wide selection (such as this 5-pack of 12-volt led lights for RV interior for less than $50).

Finding RV LED light retailers in your region is also a good idea.

Here you have a concise explanation of RV LED lights and their advantages for your trailer. Best of luck on your cm18Autolights trip!